17 strawberry recipes to fully enjoy berry season

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Strawberry shortcakes are light, sweet, and delicious — and they're just one delicious way to enjoy summer's berry bounty. Photo via Shutterstock

We have hit the peak of strawberry season. That means it's time to figure out what to do with all those gorgeous, red berries when you're tired of eating them raw. Perhaps a pie. Or a crostata. Or a shortcake. Or a clafoutis. Or a galette. Or homemade jam. So many strawberries, so little time.

And what's the best way to store your strawberries? Evan Kleiman has tips

Whether or not it's baked, a strawberry pie is a stellar summer treat. Photo by Reuben McFeeters/Unsplash


Vintage Strawberry Pie
This recipe from Roxana Jullapat of Friends & Family yields one nine-inch pie or six individual four-inch pies. Roxana prefers the individual pies because the larger pie doesn't slice as nicely, given that the recipe doesn't call for much gelatin to hold the berries together. Get the recipe

Classic Strawberry Rhubarb Pie
Stephanie Shaiken, who won Best in Show at the Third Annual Good Food Pie Contest for her Classic Apple Pie, also knows how to make a fantastic strawberry rhubarb pie. Get the recipe

LA Times No-Bake Strawberry Pie
Former Los Angeles Times Test Kitchen chef Noelle Carter loves summer pies in which the fruit isn't cooked, it's just piled high in a pie shell and coated with a glaze. She tosses fresh strawberries in a glaze combining fresh orange juice and rum steeped with a little mint as it cooks. Perfect for a hot summer day. Get the recipe

No-Bake Strawberry and Boysenberry Pie
Here's another no-bake option that's great for hot days. It comes from Pat Poole. Get the recipe

Strawberry Custard Pie with Streusel Topping
"I never measure sugar when making a fruit pie because not all fruit is created equal. I add brown or white sugar to taste," says Hillary Naishtat, formerly the pastry chef at Wilshire restaurant. She thinks the best pie is the one made with the most perfectly, beautifully flavorful fruit, showcased with a flaky crust. She generally uses about five cups of fruit to make a 9" pie. Get the recipe

Strawberry Sour Cream Pie
Patti Londre shared this recipe with us back in 2011. As you might guess from the title, it involves plenty of berries and plenty of sourcream. Get the recipe

Fresh Blueberry and Strawberry Pie (aka It's Still 4th of July Pie)
If you live in Los Angeles, you know that holidays are often the best time to be in the city. The city changes from its normal crazed bustle to the bucolic, still, sunlit paradise it used to be, and the quiet that descends on LA during these long weekends is almost sacred. And the 4th of July holiday is the perfect time to make a red, white, and blue pie. Get the recipe

Easy Strawberry and Lemon Curd Pie
When you make a traditional fruit pie, you're always waiting. The crust has to chill, the pie has to bake, and then it has to cool. There are ways to get around this. Millicent Souris, author of How to Build a Better Pie: Sweet and Savory Recipes for Flaky Crusts, Toppers, and the Things in Between, uses Saltines and vanilla wafer cookies for this crust. Get the recipe

Brown cheese is used to make caramel and served with strawberries and a pancake. Photo by Nevada Berg


Thin Pancakes with Strawberries and Brown Cheese Caramel
In Norway, there are five seasons, each with their own mood, seasonal ingredients, and festivals. And Nevada Berg says Norway has some of the best strawberries. "These pancakes couple that fresh sweetness with a caramel sauce made with traditional brown cheese. It's a nod to the Norwegian summer farms where brown cheese, fresh fruit jams, and flat cakes — similar to griddle cakes — are staples," she writes. Get the recipe

Strawberry Shortcake
Christine Moore of Little Flower Candy Company first shared this recipe with us in 2003. Get the recipe

Huckleberry's Strawberry Crostata
Zoe Nathan, who co-owns Huckleberry, Rustic Canyon, Milo and Olive, and Sweet Rose Creamery with her husband, Josh Loeb, shared this recipe with us in 2010. Get the recipe

Evan Kleiman's Strawberry Rhubarb Galette
"Although the flavor of strawberries and rhubarb together is lovely, I don't really like the texture of cooked strawberries," Evan Kleiman writes. Instead, she often pairs raspberries with rhubarb. But for this recipe, she relies on Mara Mara strawberries for their aromatic wildness and their texture. She also cooked the rhubarb a bit. Get the recipe

Jacques Pepin's Crepes with Jam
In his book, Chez Jacques: Traditions and Rituals of a Cook, Jacques Pepin reminisces about cooking with his mother while growing up in pre-war France.  The heat, sounds, and chaos of her kitchen were some of the early impressions that led him to being a chef. Get the recipe

Strawberry Gratin
A strawberry gratin is similar to a clafoutis. Robert Wemischner infuses the cream with a fresh Bay leaf to add an earthy kick. "This dessert has just enough rich custard to hold the fruit together and it's a quick ending for a spring meal that can be made ahead," he explains. Get the recipe

Homemade strawberry jam is an easy way to save the season. Photo by Sharon Waldron/Unsplash


Roxana Jullapat's Strawberry Jam with Orange Blossoms
Roxana Jullapat of Friends & Family cuts the sweetness of strawberry jam by adding blood orange juice and orange blossoms. Get the recipe

Strawberry Preserves
Russ Parsons, former Food Editor at the LA Times, says that with some great berries and a good recipe, you can have an outstanding addition for your morning toast in the time it takes to prepare a pasta dinner. This recipe works best with weights — use equal amounts of fruit and sugar. Get the recipe

Pickled Green Strawberries
Chef Ari Kolender gets underripe, green strawberries that he pickles then uses in both sweet and savory dishes. He shares his Master Pickling Liquid so that you can make your own pickled green strawberries at home. Get the recipe