‘In the Weeds’ with Alisa Reynolds of My 2 Cents

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“If you’re vegan, you can come and eat with your grandma who wants a porkchop,” says Chef Alisa Reyolds of My 2 Cents, where she describes her cuisine as “evolved nostalgia.” Photo by Amber Aisha.

“I wanted to create a restaurant that felt like a hug. We welcome you when you come in, we thank you when you leave, we dance when it’s your first time. It’s my little piece of heaven in LA,” says Chef Alisa Reynolds of My 2 Cents. Growing up in a household in Los Angeles, where the family ate together every night, she recalls the family’s Friday night dinners on the town where she first tasted bouillabaisse, which opened her palate to other flavors, eventually moving to New York to train under David Burke.

In her restaurant, she ushers Southern comfort foods into a modern diet, creating gluten-free versions of fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, and vegan options. 

Most of the sides at My 2 Cents are gluten-free including the mac & cheese and “gries” (grit fries). Photo by Gary George.