Squeezing the best out of citrus season

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The kishu mandarin at Garcia Organic Farms are seedless and easy to peel, making it favored by chefs. Photo by Gillian Ferguson/KCRW

Market report correspondent Gillian Ferguson is joined by Wes Avila of Ka’teen and Angry Egret Dinette. Avila describes the food of Ka’teen as coastal Mexican cuisine with a Tulum beach vibe. He is at the farmer’s market, looking for bitter orange to use in his cochinita pibil, which is marinated and roasted in a banana leaf for five hours. Bitter orange and citrus are also used in agua chiles and ceviches. Avila is using Cara Cara rinds in a panna cotta and in the margaritas at the bar.

At Garcia Organic Farm in Fallbrook, Leticia Garcia is growing kishus — a tiny mandarin that is easy to peel and seedless. Chefs are using them in salads and desserts. She describes the hybrids and sweetness of her variety of kumquats.