Steven Rinella wants to help you grill, smoke, and cook over a campfire

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The cheeseburger jalapeno popper is a 15-minute recipe that forgoes a bun.

Some historians say that it wasn't until we applied fire to food and began to eat cooked meals that we became fully human. After Steven Rinella was introduced to hunting by his father, his relationship to the outdoors changed completely. He has written eloquently about the subject in several books, including his latest, The Meateater Outdoor Cookbook, which focuses on the many techniques involved with cooking food over fire.

"The Meateater Outdoor Cookbook" encourages people to spend time with Mother Nature. Photo courtesy of Penguin Random House.

As a parent, Rinella encourages his children to build a fire instead of scrolling through social media, believing that a life in nature begets confidence and capability. He has made it a priority to teach them how to cook.

Rinella's advice for leveling up a backyard barbecue involves trading in the gas grill and using lump charcoal, eventually graduating to cherry or other types of wood. "That jump of learning to use something that is actually on fire and burning is fun," he says. "It's more engaging. You've [got] to pay more attention to it. And if you like to cook, you'll find that when you're making something and you're paying more attention to it, it's not more stressful. It's more relaxing, because there's just less room in your head for all the other noise."

Steven Rinella came by his enthusiasm for the outdoors from his father. Photo by Garret Smith.