Slicing up market-inspired sweet potato and ginger pie

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With a gingersnap crust, Sasha Piligian opts for sweet potato in lieu of a traditional pumpkin pie, and then garnishes with candied ginger. Photo by Sasha Piligian.

The pie tins have arrived, so Canyon Coffee baker Sasha Piligian has started her Thanksgiving prep with a visit to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. Combining sweet potatoes and using ginger for spiciness, she is creating an alternative to pumpkin pie. The sweet potato and heavy cream which gives the pie a velvety and luxurious texture. She also shares tips on processing pumpkin for listeners wanting to use fresh squash at home. Her Thanksgiving pies are available for order at May Microbakery with pick-up at Canyon Coffee.

Farmer Jonathan Herr brings sweet potatoes to the market every autumn. He describes three varieties that he digs fresh in Fresno to present every Wednesday at his table.