Two culinary memoirs, an African nuptial ceremony, and a tortilla winner

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In Zambia, ichilanga mulilo is part of traditional wedding celebrations, whereby representatives of the bride (here in matching fabrics) cook for the groom’s friends and family. Photo courtesy of Mazuba Kapambwe-Mizzi.

In his new memoir, Chef Keith Corbin reflects on his childhood in Watts and awakening his palate in prison. Marion Nestle is best known for her groundbreaking work “Food Politics” but her path to get there was winding, as she shares in a new memoir. For Mazuba Kapambwe-Mizzi, when she was planning her wedding in her native country of Zambia, ichilanga mulilo was a part of the celebrations. Award-winning chefs Jody Williams and Rita Sodi have nurtured a legion of devoted diners in Greenwich Village and share their recipes in a new cookbook. Phil Rosenthal visits Philadelphia, Austin, Croatia, and Santiago in the sixth season of Netflix’s “Somebody Feed Phil.” Finally, La Princesita took home the gold at last weekend’s Tortilla Tournament. To commemorate their win, Good Food revisits a conversation with Monica Ramirez and Enrique Rodriguez.