‘In the Weeds’ with Gacia Tachejian of Laidrey

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When Gacia Tachejian couldn’t find coffee to suit her taste, she began roasting her own. Photo by Cara Harman.

Gacia Tachejian is a Valley girl who grew up in Reseda in a big Armenian family. That's where she learned to appreciate Armenian and Turkish-style coffee. While working as a behavioral researcher, she couldn't find the kind of coffee she loved so she started roasting her own. That led to a coffee cart that was so successful that in December 2021, she opened Laidrey, a brick-and-mortar cafe in Tarzana. For someone who claims she's not much of a risk-taker, it was quite the leap of faith. Tachejian is the subject for this week’s, "In the Weeds."

Laidrey is open daily and serves pastries alongside coffee roasted in-house. Photo courtesy of Laidrey.

Laidrey began as a pop-up coffee cart in Tarzana after owner Gacia Tachejian developed a love for coffee in grad school in New York. Photo by Cara Harman.




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