Market Report: Chef Debbie Lee is on the hunt for fall flavors

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Chef Debbie Lee makes a porridge from kabocha squash at her restaurant, Joseon. Photo by Stan Lee.

Chef Debbie Lee is four weeks into her Silver Lake pop-up, Joseon. The name of the concept comes from the original name of Korea and the last Korean dynasty. The menu is a modern interpretation of royal court dining. The first course is juk, a porridge made from kabocha squash which is cooked down and served with crispy leeks, garlic chive oil, and a jujebee romesco. The juk is available as a Seoulful side on her Thanksgiving takeout menu (pre-orders only).  

Paul Thurston of Laubacher Farms brings Tahitian squash and Cinderella pumpkins to market. Photo by Gillian Ferguson/KCRW

Paul Thurston of Laubacher Farms in Camarillo brings a number of squash to market this time of year. Along with the kabocha squash that Debbie Lee uses in her juk, there's Tahitian squash, which has a long neck with plenty of meat and a small seed pod. The Musquee de Provence is also known as a Cinderella pumpkin. The picturesque pumpkin can grow to be 35 pounds. With its high moisture content and size, it's a favorite among chefs who often use it in soups and pasta. The Marina di Chioggia variety is best used for pie.