Female and Indian sports bars, Korean comics, edible underwear

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Jenny Nguyen owns and operates The Sports Bar in Portland, Ore., dedicated to supporting women’s athletics. Photo by Dorothy Wang.

With a modest Kickstarter campaign, Jenny Nguyen decided to flip the script on the traditional sports bar, opening a watering hole dedicated to supporting women’s athletics. Avish Naran puts a twist on traditional sports bar fare with an Italian-American and Indian mashup at Pijja Palace. Beny Ashburn and Teo Hunter of Crowns & Hops team up with Allagash to curate beer with purpose. Mara Herbkersman and Emily Bielagus are poised to bring the lesbian bar back to LA with Ruby Fruit. Sunyoon Choi and Eric Watkins document the meals and menial tasks of domestic life in Korean American Cooking Comics. Finally, independent producer Gideon Brower uncovers the quirky tale of edible underwear.