Wanderlust Creamery makes ice cream inspired by travel and adventure

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Maraschino cherries and peach jellies float in this fruit salad pie. Photo by Max Milla.

Adrienne Borlongan remembers her twin sister asking for candy and gum at the supermarket while she begged her mother for issues of Food & Wine or Bon Appétit. Even before she could read, Borlongan had collections of cookbooks. Her obsessions started with soup and cookies. Although she considered culinary school, her immigrant mother encouraged a more practical career. "And for Filipinos, that's nursing," Borlongan says. After taking the prerequisites, she switched her major to food science.

With a background in food science, Adrienne Borlonga makes ice cream inspired by global flavors.  Photo by Max Milla.

A couple of ice cream makers and several flavor experiments later, she took a gamble and opened Wanderlust Creamery. Impressed by the texture but not the run-of-the-mill flavors of other ice creams, she wanted to make "flavors that sparked a sense of adventure." 

"I was making ice cream made from fig leaves from my backyard. I had gone to Croatia a year before and had cheese wrapped in fig leaves and baked with honey. I was inspired by walking down the aisles of the Middle Eastern market and seeing all these flavors I had never heard of before and ingredients I've never heard of before," Borlongan says.

The night before a big press event for Wanderlust's opening, Borlongan concocted a Mango Sticky Rice flavor that had guests swooning. 

Her new cookbook, The Wanderlust Creamery Presents: The World of Ice Cream, offers detailed and often incredibly technical advice on how to make flavors such as Pandan Tres Leches, Salted Kaya Toast, Ramune Sherbet, Strawberry Daifuku, Earl Grey Milk Chocolate, and Royal Prune Armagnac.

This Ube Malted Crunch ice cream calls for ube from a jar and dulce de leche made in a pressure cooker. Photo by Max Milla.

Wanderlust Creamery has seven locations across Los Angeles but with a new cookbook, you can try making these flavors at home. Photo courtesy of Abrams.