Remembering Marcella, kimchi, pickles

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Pregnant and craving the pickles she made with her grandfather in Russia, Vlaska Pilot began to document her journey on TikTok. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

With her cookbook “Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking,” Marcella Hazan introduced a legion of Americans to a new cuisine — changing the way many cook and eat. Kimjang is a celebration in Korea. Eric Kim describes the days-long process of making kimchi that has been recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage that needs to be preserved. Russian native Vlasta Pilot takes to TikTok, sharing her pickle fetish with the masses. LA Times restaurant critic Bill Addison refers to David Rosoff as the “fun, opinionated wine guru” of Los Angeles, who has taken over a block of Silver Lake. Chef Brian Dunsmoor shops for ingredients for his albacore crudo — a dish that is emerging as his restaurant’s signature dish.