Tombstone recipes, Chicano sweets, and a boiled head…

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“Conchas have become the symbol of pan dulce here in the U.S.,” says Chicano Eats blogger and cookbook author Esteban Castillo. Photo by Esteban Castillo.

Graduate student Rosie Grant pays respects by baking recipes found on tombstones. Jessica Stevenson waxes nostalgic about vintage Halloween candy and today’s sour favorites. W. Scott Poole, who teaches a course in the history of horror, explains perennial fears of trick or treating, from razor blades to rainbow fentanyl, and the role the media plays. Growing up across the street from the panaderia, Esteban Castillo recreates his favorite Chicano sweets in a new cookbook. Ignacio Murillo embraces fall fruits, including pears, for his new cocktail menu at A.O.C. Finally,Victor Hazan weaves a spooky yarn about his wife Marcella’s search for a human skull.