Woks, fried rice, brownies, mint

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Chef and food columnist J. Kenji López-Alt calls the wok the most versatile tool in the kitchen and cooks traditional stir frys and stocks in the one he’s owned since college. Photo by J. Kenji López-Alt.

Chef J. Kenji López-Alt breaks down the science behind cooking in his New York Times column. His first cookbook focuses on the wok and its versatility in the kitchen. Good Food contributor Kenny Ng researches the history of fried rice and shares his personal experiences with the dish. Chowhound birthed many local food bloggers as an early website and gathering place for food enthusiasts, and it’s going offline this week. Leah Hyslop has a brownie recipe for every occasion and mood. LA Times restaurant critic Bill Addison has a breakdown of the James Beard Award finalists. Finally, the spring equinox is Sunday, and correspondent Gillian Ferguson talks Nowruz and herbs with Chef Debb Michail at the farmer’s market.