HBM105: Beautiful Stories about Dead Animals (part 1)

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Before Kryssanne Adams was old enough to understand death, she found a dead mouse and carried it around with her in a plastic Easter egg shell. She talked to it and gave it water.

Kryssanne Adams in Bellingham, Washington

This is a special two-part episode, in which Kryssanne describes the many times where she’s seen death or inflicted it upon animals. Soon, this will turn into a book, which will be available to purchase in our store.

Kryssanne is a writer in Bellingham, Washington, where she also helps run the Bellingham Alternative Library, sings in a Threshold Choir, and works at a museum.

A severed owl head that Kryssanne preserved in
salt and donated to the Mindport Museum

Jeff Emtman produced this episode with help from Bethany Denton.

Music: The Black Spot