Terrible Resonance: Live Show Announcement

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Terrible Resonance: A live podcast from Here Be Monsters about subversive sound, earthquakes, ghosts, outer space, sonic weaponry, and whales.

There is a murky and uncertain world of sound below the bassiest bass we can hear. Despite the physical limitations of our ears, these rumbles, called "infrasounds," affect us, in wildly different ways--sometimes beautiful, sometimes terrifying.

Terrible Resonance is a journey from 0-20hz, telling stories from the well-studied rumbles of Earth's crust, songs of whales and elephants, and resonant points in the human body to the areas of the unknown that lead to wild speculation: hauntings, the "brown" note, spontaneous orgasm and not-so-secret weapons programs from the Pentagon.

The show runs roughly 90 minutes and includes a live infrasound demonstration from Brooklyn-based musician Joe Morgan. Earplugs will be provided. Children and service animals should use extra precaution during this portion of the show.

Terrible Resonance

Sun, March 22nd, 7:30PM



322 Union Ave. Williamsburg

Brooklyn, NY 1121


Jeff Emtman

Jeff Emtman