In her new role at NBC, Megyn Kelly tries to be something she's not

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Megyn Kelly has said in her new hosting role at NBC, she's leaving political topics behind. But many people are noting this is strange, since politics are what she's best at and known for, and that in this moment, everything seems political. And the guests on her new morning show aren't loving her either. She did an interview with the cast of Will & Grace, but Debra Messing has already said she regrets doing the interview and didn't actually know they'd be speaking with Megyn Kelly, she just thought it was a Today show appearance. The next day, Kelly asked Jane Fonda about plastic surgery, seemingly out of the blue, which Fonda obviously did not like. Though it's only one week in, NBC now runs the risk that publicists will not want to book their clients to talk to Kelly.



Kaitlin Parker