Sean Parker Wants to Bring New Movies to Your Living Room

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The man who disrupted the record industry with Napster wants to shake things up in the world of theatrical releases as well. Sean Parker's newest project is called The Screening Room. The idea is that people could buy a box top set for $150 and then pay $50 per film for access to new movies that you would typically see in a theater. Parker has gotten filmmakers like Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, J.J. Abrams and Ron Howard on his side, but other big directors like Chris Nolan and James Cameron are not in favor of the plan. Nolan and Cameron make big movies designed to be seen at a theater, and they have both spoken about the value that cinematic experience. The National Association of Theatre Owners also want to protect theatrical release windows. To them it's a matter of survival. The reality of watching brand new movies at home may still be a ways off. Parker and his partner, Prem Akkaraju, are yet to speak publicly about The Screening Room.