Are New Yorkers Jealous of LA?

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In an article published in the New York Times over the weekend, the newspaper reported that Los Angeles is "widely acknowledged to have become strikingly more cosmopolitan in recent years." The Times has been reporting on a couple of trends where California is concerned: cultural New Yorkers (i.e. hipsters) moving to LA, and another story with this headline: "The End of California." Which says the state's problematic drought is "diminishing an Eden created by man. The Golden State may recover, but it won't be the same place." A lot of national media talked about the state's water issues. And rightly so. A lot of East Coast outlets have also parodied California for its lack of culture and depth, its addiction to cars (and choking traffic and smog), and its often "out there" mentality. But Californians tend to bite back. KCRW's Steve Chiotakis spoke with LA Observed's Kevin Roderick.