Is overwork literally killing us?

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Workplace burnout is not new. Many professions are particularly demanding, and even more so during the pandemic. Physicians, healthcare, and essential workers became acutely aware of how stress and overwork was impacting their lives. But chronic stress at work is becoming a widespread issue and is having devastating impacts on both employees and employers.  A toxic experience at work can change our body chemistry, making us ill. In some cases, overwork is literally killing us.  

So why are so many of us feeling burned out? And how does the term differ from the normal feeling of workplace wariness?  

Jonathan Bastian talks with burnout expert Jennifer Moss about her latest book “The Burnout Epidemic: The Rise of Chronic Stress and How We Can Fix It.” Moss says employers and organizations need to entirely rethink their approach to wellness, and that Band-Aid solutions like taking time off,  yoga, or resilience exercises are not enough. She advises employers to reevaluate what success looks like, and that employees should empower themselves to be healthier and happier at work.     

Burnout expert Jennifer Moss discusses her latest book, “The Burnout Epidemic: The Rise of Chronic Stress and How We Can Fix It.”  Photo courtesy of Jennifer Moss.




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