In Magdalenian Footsteps

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In the Pyrenees of southern France, there is a cave containing some of the world’s most spectacular and deeply hidden secrets. To get there you must crawl on your belly through a long tomb-like passage, with your only light held between your teeth.

Will Hunt explores the deepest darkest places around the world. An early obsession with finding lost treasures in his own neighborhood has led him to a discovery that goes much deeper than hidden artifacts.



Vanessa Lowe


Vanessa Lowe

Music: Nocturne theme music by Kent Sparling
Additional music: Kent Sparling \\  Jeffrey Foster \\ Kid Otter

Producer: Vanessa Lowe

Will Hunt wrote, Underground: A Human History of the Worlds Beneath Our Feet. Find more information about Will’s work and adventures at

Episode artwork: Robin Galante