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Poetry and the night are some of the last remaining domains of “unknowing”; places where it’s acceptable to digest the world slowly and without conclusion, and where one can linger in, and traverse, experiences like solitude, impermanence, and wonder. Poets Cecily Parks and Tom Harding are both drawn to explore the intersection between the quiet tender moments of night and the act of writing and reading poetry. It’s a space where one can capture fleeting wisps from the darkness, and then send them off for others to hold like fireflies in a jar. Poems from the night are like fragments of dreams forgotten upon waking, reminders of things lost to us in the day.



Vanessa Lowe


Vanessa Lowe

Music: Nocturne theme music by Kent Sparling

Additional music: Kent Sparling \\ Kid Otter

Producer: Vanessa Lowe

Other Credits: More information about the work of Cecily Parks, and her relationship with the moon, can be found at Southern Humanities Review: Conversations with the moon by Cecily Parks. Find information about the work of Tom Harding. For more about Robert Macfarlane’s collection of words that should be saved read Robert Macfarlane: On the wild words we're losing 

Episode artwork: Robin Galante