Stay Warm, Be Careful

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*Please note that this episode contains explicit language*

This crazy thing happens in NYC as night approaches – as rush hour picks up and the streets get evermore hectic than normal, delivery men on bikes start racing through the streets to get people their restaurant food while it’s still hot.  Many New Yorkers expect this service that is intrinsic to the city, yet they often view these men on bikes as a menace and a threat to public safety. Cesar works 60 hours a week delivering food, mostly for tips.  He says they hate him until they need him.




Vanessa Lowe


Vanessa Lowe

Kent Sparling
Pollen Music Group
Jeffrey Foster
Kid Otter

Produced by Vanessa Lowe. Associate producer for this episode was Joel Shupack.

Nocturne was created by Vanessa Lowe and Kent Sparling, who also composed the theme music. Art by Robin Galante.