Santa Ana's Mayor-for-Life on the Ropes?

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For years, critics of Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido have openly accused him of hiding how he earns his money, allowing him to allegedly violate conflict of interest laws again and again. The mayor, originally elected to the City Council in 1986 as citizen taking on City Hall to save his family's muffler shop, is now the ultimate political insider, and has been fined by the Fair Political Practices Committee in the past for not disclosing all of his sources of income with individuals and businesses that had business before the Santa Ana City Council. Now, the FPPC is investigating Pulido again, this time over a property swap that netted the mayor a $200,000 profit. The business at the center of this controversy just happened to get an exclusive city contract, with Pulido voting on the matter. Is this matter enough to finally take Pulido down or will business continue as usual until term limits finally push him out of office?