Philosophers, Fiddlers & Fools 2004

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Philosophers, Fiddlers and Fools, KCRW General Manager Ruth Seymour's 26th annual three-hour Chanukah salute to Yiddish. From the little villages and towns of Eastern Europe to the Second Avenue Hit Parade, music, stories and memories from a world now vanished.

Recordings for Philosophers, Fiddlers and Fools
Chanukah 2004

First Hour:

The Yiddish Dream - Vanguard Classics
Martha Schlamme sings Jewish Fold Songs - Vanguard Classics
Chava Alberson : Yiddish Songs - EMI
Theodore Bikel sings Yiddish Theater and Folk Songs - Bainbridge
Talila: Yiddish - Scalen Disc
Chants Yiddish: Talila and Kol Aviv - Arion
Natania Davrath: Russian, Israeli and Yiddish Folk Songs - Vanguard Classics

Second Hour:

Martha Schlamme: Raisins and Almonds - Vanguard Classics
Voices of the Ghetto - 7 Productions

Third Hour:

Metropolitan Klezmer: Yiddish for Travelers -
L'Chaim!: Music of the Jewish People -
Yiddish: New York-Paris-Varsovie 1901-1940 - Fremaux & Assicies
Mazel Tov!: More Music of the Jewish People - Fanfare
The Barry Sisters Sing - Israel Music
Aaron Lebedeff - Banner Records
Fiddler on the Roof: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - EMI
Jewish Song from Earth, Heaven & Beyond -

Many of these recordings are no longer available. some, despite their original recording dates, are new compilations.

The best source for yiddish music is:

Simon at Hatikvah Music International
436 North Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles CA 90036



Ruth Seymour