After the Oscar changes, should the Emmys follow suit?

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Last week's announcement by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of changes to the Oscar telecast had us wondering--should the Emmys make some changes as well? While the addition of a best "popular" film category had people befuddled--what exactly qualifies a film as popular?--the additional award was no doubt added as a way to drum up ratings for the Oscars. The TV Academy would surely like to improve numbers for the Emmys as well, but besides simply trying to boost ratings, there could be good reason for some new categories at the TV awards. Take a hypothetical "Best New Series" award--whereas the Oscars nominate new movies every year, on the TV side, so many nominations often go to the same show over and over again. It could be nice to have a category set aside for fresh blood. There could also be categories for things like "Best Sci-Fi Series," or other genres that typically get passed over at the Emmys. Of course, too many new categories, and you run the risk of feeling like the Teen Choice Awards. With the Emmys coming up in September, it's too late to do anything this year, but maybe for next?