As 'Game of Thrones' breaks records, networks seek blockbusters

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There have been some quibbles about the storytelling in this season of Game of Thrones, but more people are watching the show than ever before. But fans will have a long wait -- possibly even until 2019 before the show comes back. Making Game of Thrones isn't cheap or fast, but other networks would love to have the kind of blockbuster success the show has brought HBO. It's perhaps fitting then that Amazon studio chief Roy Price said they will stop making as many pilots and order more shows straight-to-series, likely in an attempt to create of their own show with some kind of Game of Thrones level of success. But the TV industry could do well to look to the film side of things, which increasingly relies on franchises and tent-poles to prop up the entire industry. If the focus is solely on finding new TV hits filled with special effects, what happens to the chances of other, smaller shows to survive.