Changes afoot in the television landscape

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For months it seemed like the AT&T and Time Warner merger was a done deal. But now the Justice Department is suing to stop the deal from going through. One would think under a Republican administration, this type of big deal would be embraced, but it's highly likely that President Trump prefers otherwise. His dislike of CNN (a Time-Warner property) is well-documented. There are many liberals who would normally prefer for the deal not to go through, but are finding themselves confused that they're on the same side as Trump for this issue, albeit for different reasons. The Trump administration has not been against other media mergers like Sinclair and Tribune, so it appears that AT&T and Time Warner is indeed personal. And in other major media news, the fight is on the save the Obama-era regulations that protect net neutrality, but the rules are set to be repealed next month. This means that internet service providers could charge streamers like Netflix more money for taking up more bandwidth, but streamers would in all likelihood pass those costs along to consumers.