Coronavirus and TV industry: uncharted waters, plus streaming recommendations

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Joe Exotic, subject of the new Netflix documentary series called: “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness.” Photo credit: Netflix.

Over the course of a week, TV productions with live audiences have gone from dropping the audiences to stopping tapings altogether. Shows that are currently in production have also gone on hiatus. 

The advertising upfront presentations in May have been moved to a completely digital version, and Emmy campaign events are on indefinite hold. TV pilots risk not being finished in time, which could push back the start of the fall broadcast season.  

These are uncharted times in the TV industry. In some ways, it’ll be fine. Networks can always air reruns. But lots of people who work in related industries are suddenly finding themselves without a job. Caterers, contract workers, and event organizers are facing a possible months-long shutdown.  

Meanwhile, as people continue to self-isolate at home, Michael Schneider and Joe Adalian have streaming recommendations for when you’ve hit the end of your queue. 

Adalian suggests “Rosehaven” on Sundance Now. He describes it as kind of like “Schitt’s Creek,” but set in Australia, and has been helpful for him in easing anxiety. 

Schneider got your next Netflix binge: the upcoming documentary series “Tiger King.” It’s got mullets, murder and wild cats. What more could you ask for?