Disney goes all in with its forthcoming streaming service

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On November 12, for $6.99 a month--or $69.99 for the year--a subscription to Disney+ can be yours. The price is lower than many analysts predicted, though it will likely go up in the coming years. As the service bows, it will include a vast library launch--there will be Pixar films, animated classics, all the 'Star Wars' films, lots of 'Marvel' movies, and hundreds of hours of programming from National Geographic and the Disney Channel. Plus, all 600 episodes of 'The Simpsons' will be there too. Between the family-friendly content of Disney+, the more adult programming of Hulu, which Disney now owns a majority stake in, and ESPN+ for sports, Disney will come close to replicating the old-fashioned cable bundle. While they'll likely have no problem getting initial subscribers, we'll see if they're able to hold on to them as the churn rate kicks into higher gear on all the streaming outlets.