Disney+ lifts the veil on subscriber numbers

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If you watched the Oscars over the weekend, chances are you saw a bunch of ads for Disney+, the Mouse-owned streaming service. Turns out, more people actually subscribe to Disney+ than watched the Oscars last night. CEO Bob Iger recently announced nearly 30 million people had signed up for the streaming service in the three months since it launched. Nearly 20% of those were Verizon customers who got the service for free, but still, that's a lot of sign-ups. They've got a large library of content to keep those viewers satisfied, but with no new "Mandalorian" for many months, there could be risk of churn, but Disney is hoping the incentives to sign up for a couple years at a time, or to sign up as part of a package with Hulu will keep current viewers subscribed and lead to more subscribers over time.