Heading into fall TV, some bigs shows start their final seasons

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It's likely that we'll never see another broadcast sitcom the likes of 'The Big Bang Theory,' in terms of ratings and longevity. The Chuck Lorre comedy announced it will end its run after 12, yes 12 seasons on CBS. And while not officially announced, we'll likely see the end of 'Modern Family' on ABC--one of the other holdovers from the days when an original broadcast sitcom could still break out in a big way. Other big shows are preparing to start their final seasons as well. 'Game of Thrones' begins one last season in early 2019, though there will no doubts be spin-offs and prequel attempts. Also on HBO, 'Veep' will wrap after one more season. And on Showtime, you've got the end of 'Homeland.' And back on the comedy side, you'll see the final seasons of 'Jane the Virgin' and 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' on the CW. It's likely just coincidence that so many of these shows have reached the end of the their runs at roughly the same time, and if we know one thing, it's that there's no shortage of new content to fill the void.