In an industry obsessed with youth, what's old is cool again

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Over the weekend news broke that 78-year-old Patrick Stewart would be returning to Star Trek on CBS All Access. And in July, Norman Lear inked a new TV deal with Sony on his 96th birthday. Fox, with most of its assets in the process of being sold to Disney, has an upcoming show called 'The Cool Kids,' set in a retirement home. With viewers in younger age demographics abandoning linear television in droves, the old school networks are trying to adjust accordingly. And even places that don't rely on advertising income are finally starting to realize that life doesn't end at age 49. Netflix for instance has 'Grace & Frankie' with living legends Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda, plus a Carol Burnett reality show. Don't expect the focus on young people to shift entirely any time soon, but as networks are forced to broaden their pools of talent, that does seem to include actors and writers of a certain age.