NBC's Jennifer Salke will run Amazon Studios

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We finally have an answer to the long-awaited question of who will run Amazon Studios. Jennifer Salke, the entertainment president of NBC will take the reins. Salke is in old-school network executive who has experience working with producers and agents to make shows that have broad appeal--something Amazon has struggled with in the past. In addition to overseeing Amazon's new approach to television, she'll also be head of the film side of things. Amazon studios has had film success in the past with movies like 'The Big Sick,' but they didn't pick up anything at Sundance this year and they've also got a Woody Allen problem. Amazon's on the hook for 3 more movies with the director, but at the moment, no talent seems to want to work with him. We'll see how Salke deals with Allen and shapes Amazon's upcoming entertainment strategy when she takes over in a few weeks.