The future of Fox News

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A new investigation by Jane Mayer in the New Yorker ( has laid bare just how intertwined the relationship between Fox News and the White House truly is. Last year we saw showrunners at Fox TV Studios including Steve Levitan and Seth MacFarlane speak out against Fox News.  Now, they'll be under the purview of Disney, though some of those who spoke out will still have shows on the Fox TV network. But now, those still  working on the entertainment side of Fox won't have all the other movie and TV assets to balance out the right-wing views coming from Fox News--it'll be the crown jewel. And while Fox News has become an unofficial propaganda station for the GOP, CNN's Jeff Zucker said over the weekend that MSNBC is the same thing for liberals. However, MSNBC has a morning show hosted by two former Republicans, and the network was never considered an official marketing arm of the Obama White House, so Zucker's statements struck many as a case of false equivalency.