What is the future of Amazon Prime Video?

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We're seeing the continued fallout from the Harvey Weinstein saga. While Weinstein was most famously a film producer, his downfall also has implications in the television world. After many women went on the record, Isa Hackett, the daughter of Philip K. Dick and showrunner of Amazon's The Man in the High Castle went on the record with allegations of sexual harassment again Roy Price. He was the head of Amazon Studios -- he’s since been suspended. Weinstein and Price knew each other and were in business together -- Weinstein had some shows at Amazon. One of those projects, a David O. Russell show that had a massive $160 million price tag for two seasons is now dead. Going forward, Amazon Studios will have to figure out what role they want to play in the TV landscape. Transparent did well with critics, but Amazon had not had the type of cultural buzz as a show like Netflix's Stranger Things, of the awards acclaim of Hulu, which just won the best series Emmy for The Handmaid's Tale. However, Amazon Studios is part of a much bigger company and not solely reliant on TV success the way other companies may be.