Will HBO's 'Euphoria,' a graphic show about teens, cause a backlash?

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'Euphoria' is not an easy watch, especially if you're a parent. Some of the early reactions to the show, which features drug use, violent sex, and lots of nudity, have been reminiscent to the Netflix series '13 Reasons Why.' The difference may be that '13 Reasons Why' was a show specifically marketed to teenagers, while 'Euphoria' is about teenagers, but most viewers may actually be older than 18. Since it's on HBO, as opposed to say, The CW, the series may not even find its way to younger teens, though anyone closely following the career of former Disney Channel star Zendaya will end up at 'Euphoria.' Another new show raising alarm bells is some circles is the Netflix series 'Trinkets,' which tends to glamorize shoplifting in a way most parents probably wouldn't be thrilled about.