Mother Ocean

Los Angeles surfer Andrea Kabwasa. Photo by Robert Chapman.

After finding peace and happiness in the ocean following an injury, local journalist Molly Paige looks into why more women are going into the ocean. She discovers prominent local surfer Andrea Kabwasa whose life was also changed by the ocean. Andrea is a water woman, a celebrated longboard surfer, artist, and accomplished teacher. Andrea takes us on her journey going back more than 20 years through surf culture as a Black woman, a water woman, a teacher, an artist, and one who is continuing to grow, change and unfold. Andrea believes the act of surfing is not a sport but rather a deeply creative and mindful practice. 



  • Molly Paige - Los Angles based journalist and narrator; former anchor for NBC News Radio in Washington D.C.; former News Director for two radio stations in Los Angles


Andrea Brody

Los Angeles surfer Andrea Kabwasa.
Directed by Delila Vallot
Cinematographer: David Auerbach
Editor: Dylan Smeltzer
Colorist: Erich Wilhelm Zander