NPR's Daily Wrap-Up of House Debate on Iraq Resolution

On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (February 13-16) 89.9 FM KCRW-Santa Monica and will broadcast NPR’s daily hour-long wrap-ups of the debate in the House of Representatives on a resolution objecting to President Bush’s proposed troop build up in Iraq.

The hour-long daily wrap-ups will air on 89.9 KCRW and on the live simulcast stream at from 6:30 to 7:30pm Pacific Time. NPR Newscaster Paul Brown anchors the hour-long program, featuring highlights of the day’s debate and analysis from NPR reporters and others.
In addition, full live coverage of the House debate will be heard beginning at 6am Pacific Time until completion at

The House is expected to vote on the non-binding resolution expressing disapproval of the President's decision to deploy 20,000 additional US troops to Iraq. It's the first debate in the House on the war since Democrats won control of Congress in November. In an unusual move, every member of Congress will be allotted five minutes to speak.