Only in America: Over the Rainbow

Tin Pan Alley & Hollywood, Part 2: Louis B. Mayer, Adolph Zukor, Samuel Goldwyn and other immigrant Jews created Hollywood----from nothing. They spoke little or no English when they arrived, yet these Jewish "moguls" distilled small town Protestant culture, like Dorothy's Kansas, and fed it back to Protestant America, creating an American mythology in the process. In the late 40's and 50's the blacklist, with its anti-Semitic overtones, descended upon Hollywood, setting friend against friend. The story is told using a mix of oral histories, interviews, and movie music and clips. Jon Stewart quips about the Jewish writers on The Daily Show, Mel Brooks describes his experience with anti-Semitism. He explains why The Producers is not anti-Semitic as some have charged. Produced and hosted by Larry Josephson.

Part 5 of 5, the series runs December 3-7 from 2-3pm and is organized around themes, historical periods and individuals that illustrate important aspects of this American Jewish history. The full series will be available as a subscriber premium, in a fully packaged 8-CD set including additional feature programs and interview content.