KCRW Summer Nights at KCRW HQ

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Aug 24 • 7:00 pm PDT

1660 Stewart St.
Santa Monica, CA 90404 United States

We throw parties all over the city, but this one is extra special because it’s in our own backyard! Come see where all the magic happens and join us for an evening in the KCRW HQ Courtyard for a live performance with Dehd & DJ sets from KCRW DJs Novena Carmel + Tyler Boudreaux. 

Please note: This event is 21+

7:00 PM – 8:30 PM KCRW DJ Novena Carmel
8:30 PM – 9:30 PM Dehd
9:30 PM – 11:00 PM KCRW DJ Tyler Boudreaux

About Dehd

Dehd is a three-piece American indie-rock band, whose sound is characterized by reverb-heavy guitar, blunt drumming and the use of idiosyncratic vocals.  After hitting a stride with their 2020 breakout record Flower of Devotion, followed by their radiant Fat Possum debut Blue Skies in 2022, the group’s highly anticipated fifth studio album Poetry was released May 10th via Fat Possum Records.
Poetry transports us to a world steeped in imagery, as the band shows their ability to weld a variety of musical directions inside a concise and catchy sub-three-minute package. Rolling Stone lauded the band’s lyrical talent, noting, “Kempf’s and Balla’s lyrics approach matters of the heart and soul with an unvarnished sincerity that’s sweet, silly, and just serious enough.” It’s a world painted in the sunset tones of summer romance and flickering old flames, as showcased in the album’s singles. It’s an otherworldly experience (“Alien“), the gleam of motorcycle chrome (“Mood Ring“), the struggle against self-defeating tendencies (“Light On“), and the sultry summer evenings and the quest for love (“Dog Days”).
Poetry is out now via Fat Possum Records.

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