The Good Food Summer Potluck

Remember Potlucks!? What a vague and distant memory. Openly sharing food with others, no health concerns, hanging out with big groups of friends... The dish you bring says a lot about who you are and what you love. It’s an expression of YOU, but edible! Well, Good Food is hosting a (virtual) potluck, so what are you going to bring, and why that dish? Is it a childhood fave? Your own take on a classic? Something you’ve created from scratch? Make it for us, would you? Share your dish with us and your story.

How To Enter:

Entries posted August 14 to 19 will be considered

First: Create a post on Instagram with 3 photos

  • An overhead beauty shot of your dish
  • A shot of you with the dish you made
  • A pic that represents what this dish means to you: maybe there’s a person, place, or cookbook that this dish reminds you of 

Then: Tell us your story in the caption

Finally (and important): Tag @KCRW in the photo and use the hashtag #KCRWpotluck so we can check it out.


Thanks to everyone who made a dish and shared their stories! Winners below with some words from Evan.


I love everything about Clafoutis; the name, its homey sharing nature, and outdoor camaraderie which this submission celebrates.