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What is it that makes some of us keep trying and striving to overcome despite the odds? TED speakers share stories of overcoming a weakness and turning it into a strength. Temple Grandin, who struggled with autism until she realized her ability to "think in pictures" allows her to solve problems that others can't, discusses autism as an asset. Poet, author and performer Shane Koyczan describes growing up endlessly tormented by bullies. When he turned to spoken-word poetry to cope, he found that millions related to his anti-bullying message. Eleanor Longden, who was a normal college student — until she began hearing voices, recounts her journey with schizophrenia and how she came to listen to and live with her voices. And Kakenya Ntaiya tells the fearless story of challenging ingrained traditions, insisting on continuing school, and becoming the first girl to leave her Maasai village for college.

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