Stories of self-creation

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J. Ryan told a story called "Who You Gonna Call." Photo credit: Jess Sweetman and Sylvia Cunningham/KCRW

These true, personal stories were recorded live at The Bear on February 15 at Meeet Pavilion in Mitte. The theme of the evening was handmade: stories of self-creation.

The storytellers featured in this episode are Ben McGuire, J. Ryan, Galina Fedulova, and Mike Hurst. German singer-songwriter Erik Burmeister performed live.

If you would like to tell a story or attend the next Bear storytelling evening, check out the Bear storytelling’s event page



Sylvia Cunningham

-Our show’s theme is “I Need Love,” remixed by D.J. Spector.

-The Bear was created by Dyane Neiman and inspired by The Moth.