'Bellflower' Filmmaker; The Sarajevo Film Festival

bellflower.jpgJohn Horne guest hosts while Kim Masters is on vacation.

This week, our producer Darby Maloney talks with filmmaker Evan Glodell about his breaking-in story. His debut feature, Bellflower -- a real DIY indie made with friends on a micro-budget -- sold quickly at the Sundance Film Festival. But that success came at a price. By the time he'd submitted it to Sundance he'd devoted four years of his life to the movie and sacrificed -- money, a home, clothes -- and Glodell was losing faith that it was worth it. Now the movie is in nearly 500 theaters and Glodell is earning a reputation as a new indie filmmaker worth watching.

sff.jpgPlus, we go to the Sarajevo Film Festival. Contributor Valida Carroll goes back to her native Bosnia every year for this event. But this year she took a microphone. We learn it's origins and hear how it's grown.  


Today's Banter Topics: (Rebecca Keegan of the Los Angeles Times joins John.)

- Preview of the Toronto and Telluride film festivals
- Universal drops plans to make a Ouija board feature film with Hasbro
- Hollywood's efforts to reach the Chinese movie-going public








The Sarajevo Tunnel, the city's life support



Sarajevo Film Festival Red Carpet atmosphere in front of
the National Theater at the Susan Sontag Square



Valida with Festival’s Program Director Elma Tataragic



Sarajevo Film Festival Director, Mirsad Purivatra
at the Opening Gala at the Mayor’s residence