Career memories from Reginald Hudlin; Caleb Deschanel on shooting ‘Lion King’

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Earlier this summer, director Reginald Hudlin joined us to talk about his Clarence Avant documentary, ‘The Black Godfather’ on Netflix. Hudlin’s had such a long and eclectic career, we couldn’t fit the entire conversation in the show. So this week, some more career memories from Hudlin, including the days when was writing ‘Black Panther’ comics and running the same time. Hudlin also tells us about working with Quentin Tarantino and explains why he thinks the movie ‘Blade’ played a pivotal role in the history of Marvel movies. Plus, as Disney’s new ‘Lion King’ roars in a matter of days, cinematographer Caleb Deschanel explains how the virtual animals in the movie became more real to him than the flesh-and-blood ones he’s worked with on previous films.



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