Casting TV Shows; Hilary Swank in the Producer's Chair

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As television networks evaluate which new series to air in the Fall we talk with two veteran casting executives about casting TV shows. Lori Openden and Marcia Shulman talk about why women are uniquely equipped to be casting directors, how Botox makes their jobs harder, and how it's nearly impossible to find an American man to lead a TV drama. Then we sit down with Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank and Molly Smith (daughter of billionaire Fred Smith, founder and CEO of Fed Ex and the sole financier of Alcon Entertainment) to talk about their new company, 2S, and the partnership between an accomplished actress and a producer with access to funding. Their first film together is the new movie, Something Borrowed.

This particular program has garnered some interest from the world at large for a comment Kim Masters made on the show.  We urge you to listen, and uncover the context and intent of the statement. A partial transcript of the conversation is below. KCRW prides itself on its programming and we thank Hilary Swank for coming on to the show to talk about the business.

KIM: Swank doesn't appear in "Something Borrowed" and she says she didn't go into her partnership with Smith to create acting vehicles for herself. But I asked her if she is moving into producing in part because the cliche is true and even a few years shy of 40, she's already finding fewer good roles out there.
HILARY: Thankfully not yet. I'm still young enough to not feel the brunt of that. Certainly, you hear about that.
KIM: You see it.
HILARY: You do see it. Although, You know, you also see a lot more roles opening up for older women.You know, Meryl Streep seems to be dominating.
KIM: Yeah, we she is almost marked the exception. I mean, when you are really a character, she's not like the pretty girl, and you're not either, so.
HILARY: Hey, What are you saying.
KIM: No I don't mean..
HILARY: I'm Kidding. I'm Kidding.
KIM: That did come out wrong though, sorry.
HILARY: Actually I completely know what you mean though. I play characters. I don't play a movie star looking type of person. Which I prefer. I mean, who walks around looking like that anyway.


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