Chuck Lorre branches out with 'Disjointed' and 'Young Sheldon'

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Super-producer Chuck Lorre is the man behind some of the most-watched modern sitcoms, including Two and a Half Men, and The Big Bang Theory, both on CBS. This fall, he's got yet another show on the CBS line-up, a prequel to The Big Bang Theory called Young Sheldon. But this time, he's working with a single camera and no live studio audience, which for Lorre, is completely new territory. He tells us about the single camera learning curve and why he wanted to try something different with this particular show. And he talks about another new series -- the Kathy Bates pot comedy Disjointed. That show had him turning to Netflix after the broadcast networks caught a whiff of the scripts about weed and said "pass." Michael Schneider guest hosts.

Photo by Art Streiber



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