Director Lee Chang-dong & actor Steven Yeun on ‘Burning’

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Actor Steven Yeun as Ben in 'Burning.' Photo courtesy of Lee Chang-dong

We’re looking at the moody movie ‘Burning’ from two perspectives. Director Lee Chang-dong tells us, with the help of translator, why and how he made the transition from writing novels to making films when he was in his 40’s. He also talks about why, despite its rich cinematic history, Korea has never had a film nominated for Oscar. ‘Burning’ is the first Korean picture ever to make it onto the short list for best foreign language film, but it didn’t make the final cut. Then, actor Steven Yeun, who played Glenn on ‘The Walking Dead,’ tells us how he found himself at a crossroads once his character met his end. And he talks about speaking Korean like a native in ‘Burning,’ despite having grown up in the United States.



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