Filmmaking in Brazil and Russia

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We look at the film industries in Brazil and Russia through the very different success stories of two filmmakers. John Horn speaks with José Padilha, wrote and directed Elite Squad: The Enemy Within, a sequel to his 2007 film, Elite Squad. He distributed it himself -- out of his garage -- and the film went on to make $70 million in Brazil alone. It's that country's highest grossing movie. Now he's working with MGM to reboot the Robocop franchise. We also talk with Russian filmmaker and TV producer Valery Todorovsky. He scored an unlikely box office hit by sending up the Stalinist era with his musical, Hipsters. That film was the first Russian musical made in 70 years.

Elite Squad: The Enemy Within is now available on DVD.

Hipsters opens at Cinema Village in New York City February 24, 2012 and in other cities after that. (See the official website for dates.)

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Banner image: (L-R) Seu Jorge, Director José Padilha in Elite Squad: The Enemy Within



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