Porn meets feminism in Ellen Rapoport’s new HBO comedy ‘Minx’

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Jake Johnson stars in Ellen Rapoport’s new 1970s workplace comedy “Minx.” Photo courtesy of HBO Max.

Writer Ellen Rapoport’s workplace comedy “Minx,” about a Playgirl-style magazine, was hard to sell. Set in 1972, the series follows an idealistic young Vassar graduate who teams up with with a pornographer to create a magazine featuring feminist articles alongside photos of naked men. With “Bridesmaids” director Paul Feig as a producer, Rapoport was pretty sure the show was a slam dunk. 

“We took it to everyone. Every buyer. Buyers I didn’t even know existed. Networks I’ve never heard of. And everyone said no,” Rapoport says.

Ellen Rapoport describes how “Minx” eventually found a home on HBO Max, and how she made her way from Harvard Law to Hollywood.   



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